Forms. You'll need these.

In the heat of production, you cannot forget that for each actor, location, music track, sound effect - there must be sign-off from an authority for use in the film festival. The package you received at the Kickoff contains all of the forms you need.

pdfTHE KICKOFF PACKAGE (contains all forms)

pdfWaiver/Liability Form

But what if you need more?

Here's a list of the forms required to submit your film and why you would use them.

  • pdfTalent Release Form | If your actor/actress appears in the film, we need them to fill out a form.
  • pdfMinor Release Form | Have someone who is under 18 who will be the film? We need their parent/guardian to fill out this form (an email attached as proof can work as a temporary solution until you get a signature)
  • pdfLocation Release Form | If a location appears in the film, we need the owner of the location (or someone with the appropriate authority) to sign off on the form.
  • pdfMusic/SFX Release Form | If we hear a sound effect that did not occur naturally in the film, or a music track that is owned by anyone (ever), we'll need to make sure you have proof that the track is authorized and/or properly licensed. If you know a band from Germany and they give you permission to use a song from their album (and have the right to do so), an email from them will suffice until a signature can be obtained.