Lights. Camera. Action!

The Lyons New Media Centre is calling all aspiring filmmakers and creative minds to come out and participate in the ultimate test of video production skill: Can you make 5 minute, award winning short video in under 24 hours while incorporating three key elements? (A randomly assigned prop, line of dialogue and location).

Based on the internationally renowned Hamilton 24 Hour Film Festival (the largest in North America), teams of students will be entering to compete for prizes and recognition by our industry judges. To succeed, you will need to have excellent time management and problem solving skills, while operating in a fast-paced team environment to deliver a highly creative and original work of art.  If this task sounds daunting, fear not.  We are here to help you succeed.

Prior to the event we will be hosting workshops and providing access to top-notch learning resources that will ensure you have the ingredients to succeed.  Mentors will be available before the event to answer questions and provide guidance, and students will have access to top-notch production resources here at the Lyons New Media Centre.  Not only is this event a great test of your creative abilities, it's also a wonderful learning opportunity and great portfolio piece. 

Students do not need to have access to the latest and greatest production equipment.  Although high-end tools will make life easier, we recognize that access to costly resources is an unfair barrier, and we will evaluate accordingly to level the playing field.