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We Have Our Winners!

McMaster 24 Hour Film Challenge


Official 2018 Winners

First Prize

2nd Runner-Up

3rd Runner-Up

"What the BEEP!?!"
by Why Not?! Productions

"The Box"
by Neo Cinema

"The Bagel Adventure"
by Lemon Key

High School Technical Achievement Award

"The Box" by Neo Cinema

Best Performance Award

"The Box" by Neo Cinema

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It could be a phone, a shoe, or any other common household item.


+ Location

Perhaps it will be on the street? Under a tree? In a box with a fox?

Line of Dialogue

+ Dialogue

A famous line of dialogue. It might come from a movie, meme, or tv commercial.

Make your Movie!

= A Short Film

Create a five minute (or less) film that integrates all three elements.